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​​Mobile Dog Grooming in Sunbury and Surrounding areas

Sunbury dog groomers

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What do you need from me?

A) We only use products that are proven to be kind and gentle to your dog's hair and skin. However, we would ask that you tell us if your dog has any specific allergies. Also if there is a chance he/she may bite/nip.

Q) Do you only do home visits?

A) No, we will happily come to collect your dog and groom them at our premises and then return your dog to your home after their grooming. if you are more then 3 miles away there will be a small charge.

​Q) Do we cut nails?

A)  Yes, but only if they need doing. We do not cut below the quick as this would cause  the nail to bleed.

Q)  How do I keep my dog free of knots and matting?

A)  Groom your dog at home regularly to keep them from matting between professional grooms. Once or twice a week is usually enough, but individual dogs do vary. For most breeds you will need a slicker brush and a steel comb. A matt buster can be also be useful, particularly for curly coated breeds.

Q) How long will it take to groom my dog?

A) This will depend on the dog (size and condition), We will not rush as we like the groom to be perfect, so please allow between 1.5/2 hours.

​Q) Will you groom my dog if it has fleas?

​A) Yes, but we will do a flea treatment which would be at an extra cost.